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SIP Learning Supermarket Becomes an Authorized Education Partner for CDA Certification, Enabling New Data Talent Development 2023-04-14 On March 28th, the awarding ceremony of the authorized education partner of Learning Supermarket CDA of WJU was held in the International Academic Conference Center of WJU. The purpose of this cooperation is to make use of their respective resource advantages, explore innovative development paths, carry out multi-faceted, all-round and deep-level cooperation, and provide wisdom and strength for cultivating high-level "digital" talents. The two sides exchanged and discussed on the joint co... View details


CDAS2023 China Enterprise Digital Transformation Best Practice Cases Summit Forum held in Beijing 2023-04-14 On April 2, 2023, the CDAS 2023 China Enterprise Digital Transformation Best Practice Cases Summit was held at the Xizhimen Hotel Conference Center in Beijing, with the theme of "Have Your Heart in the Right Place", focusing on enterprise digital transformation and digital talent development. This year's CDAS Summit was held in Beijing Xizhimen Hotel Conference Center, with the theme of "Have a Heart", focusing on enterprise digital transformation and digital talent training. 26 experts from t... View details


What was talked about at the CDAS2023 Summit digital event by 26 great minds? 2023-04-14 On April 2, 2023, the CDAS 2023 "Enterprise Digital Transformation and Digital Talent Development Summit", hosted by CDA, was successfully held in Beijing Xizhimen Hotel. During the one-day conference, 26 digital experts and front-line operators of digital transformation from different fields and industries shared their views and suggestions on digital transformation and digital talent development. The summit attracted nearly 20,000 digital practitioners and enthusiasts, both online and offline,... View details


Internet Industry | How can data analytics and data science empower business? 2023-04-03 2023 CDAS Summit, is being held soon. Before the summit, we have invited the CDAS summit speaker, Mr. Zeng Jin, a data analytics industry bully, to join our CDA licensee interview. Mr. Zeng can say hello to everyone. Guest: Hello everyone, hello Mr. Hailong. Let me briefly introduce myself to you. In fact, I have quite an origin with our CDA. I am a CDA LEVEL 3 Data Scientist. I was in charge of data analysis and data products in some internet companies such as Tantrum and Go.com. Then I was... View details


Economic Management | What must be prepared before making a good production plan 2023-02-14 Interviewer. Hello everyone, today we have Sun Shangliang here for our CDA licensee interview. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? GUEST. Hello everyone! My name is Sun Shangliang. I graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology and worked in New Industry Investment Group Co. Question 1. What must we do before a good production plan can be made? GUEST. To prepare a qualified production plan, the first requirement is that the operator has a sufficient understanding of... View details


Accounting Industry | What aspects of a company's business should be researched? 2023-01-16 Interviewer. Hello everyone, today we have invited Jingbo Zhou, who works for one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world, to join us for an exclusive interview with a CDA holder. As a data analyst, can you give us an overview of what you do? Guest. My name is Jingbo Zhou, I graduated from St. Petersburg State University and currently work at Deloitte China as a data analyst. My job is to study the company's business trends and exceptions over time and make recommendations. Interview... View details

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