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Economic Management | What must be prepared before making a good production plan 2023-02-14 Interviewer. Hello everyone, today we have Sun Shangliang here for our CDA licensee interview. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? GUEST. Hello everyone! My name is Sun Shangliang. I graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology and worked in New Industry Investment Group Co. Question 1. What must we do before a good production plan can be made? GUEST. To prepare a qualified production plan, the first requirement is that the operator has a sufficient understanding of... View details


Accounting Industry | What aspects of a company's business should be researched? 2023-01-16 Interviewer. Hello everyone, today we have invited Jingbo Zhou, who works for one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world, to join us for an exclusive interview with a CDA holder. As a data analyst, can you give us an overview of what you do? Guest. My name is Jingbo Zhou, I graduated from St. Petersburg State University and currently work at Deloitte China as a data analyst. My job is to study the company's business trends and exceptions over time and make recommendations. Interview... View details


How to do data analysis in logistics supply chain management? What are the common techniques? 2023-01-16 Interviewer: Hello everyone, today we have invited Mr. Lai Yao to join our CDA holder interview! Yao Lai can say hello to everyone!  Guest: Hello, I am Lai Yao, a graduate of Shanghai Lixin College of Accounting. I worked in Jingdong as a logistics data analyst, and Wallace was responsible for data analysis under the President's Office, directly responsible for the President's Office. Daily responsible for data analysis of logistics supply chain, through data analysis, optimize the whole ch... View details


2022-12-21 View details


Telemarketing Field | What are the difficulties in managing telemarketing outbound calls? How to solve these problems with data analysis? 2022-12-18 Interviewer: Hello everyone, today we have invited Song Libao to join our CDA licensee interview! Say hello to all of you!  Guest: My name is Song Libao, I graduated from Beijing University of Technology, and I am currently working at Yiren Hongsheng Technology Development Co. Question 1:What does your position do specifically? Can you introduce an actual case to us? Guest: 1 output daily operational reports, such as daily report of self-contracting performance, daily report of team ... View details


Real Estate Industry | How can data assets be constructed and operated to realize value? 2022-11-17 Interviewer. Hello everyone, today we have Aijun Cui here for our CDA licensee interview! Cui Aijun can say hello to everyone! Guest. My name is Cui Aijun, graduated from South China University of Technology, currently working in Time China, a top 50 real estate company, as the head of the Group Data Center Department, mainly responsible for the planning, construction and operation and maintenance of data-related platforms, and also responsible for data architecture, data standards, data qual... View details


Mobile Communications Industry | Introducing the CDA certification standard system to help traction digital talent transformation 2022-11-22 On September 27, 2022, China Mobile Guangzhou Branch officially started the CDA LEVEL I certification exam after the CDA Data Analysis training. Guangzhou Mobile's internal training and CDA LEVEL I certification exams were organized by CDA Guangzhou Campus and held successfully on September 27th at A405 Dongluo Business Center, Dongpu Yiheng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. This special training is based on CDA certification standards, combined with the key points of CDA LEVEL I skills, from t... View details


Insurance Industry | Data Product Manager Helps Enterprise Transformation, Digitalization Becomes Core Competence 2022-11-22 Host: Hello again, we meet again, today we have invited Yang Xun, a CDA licensee to interview us, Yang Xun is currently working as an IT product manager in a leading insurance group in China, welcome Yang Xun, can you briefly introduce yourself. Yang Xun: Hello, my name is Yang Xun, I graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2020, and my job is mainly responsible for some product design work of the operation module. Question 1 Let's go straight to the topic of today's interview, can y... View details


Restaurant Industry | Managers break through career bottlenecks, focus on improving digital management 2022-11-22 Interviewer: Hello, we meet again, today we have invited He Xianzhen to participate in the CDA licensee online interview, data analysis is really all over the industry, today's licensee is from the catering industry, welcome He Xianzhen, and say hello to everyone. He Xianzhen: Hello, my name is He Xianzhen, majoring in international economics and trade. I studied statistics, econometrics, probability theory and other related knowledge during my college years, and have been working in a restaur... View details


Financial Industry | Improving Team Data Capabilities and Exploring Paths for Digital Transformation 2022-11-22 Host: Hello everyone, today we have invited Shouming Jiang, a CDA licensee, who is currently working as a consultant and solution provider for a fintech company. Welcome Shouming, say hello to everyone! Shouming Jiang: Hello, my name is Shouming Jiang and I am currently working in a FinTech company as a consultant and solution provider. I studied information and computing science in my undergraduate program, half math and half computer courses, so I have gone through some elementary and system... View details

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