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Changsha Bank 2020 "Digital Sailing" Data Analyst Python Training Camp 2021-08-17 In order to enhance the professional data application capabilities of data analysts of Bank of Changsha, from September to December 2020, CDA data analysts were invited by the Big Data Department of Bank of Changsha to jointly organize a series of "Digital Sailing" data analyst training . The training includes 1 month of online course training and 12 days of Python training camp face-to-face training. Online training content: guide students to get started with Python, mast... View details


Shanghai Business School Junior Data Analyst Training 2021-08-17 In order to culture the students' interest in data analysis, enhance data analysis capabilities to help students form a clear and effective learning methods to guide students to overcome fear and strangeness of data analysis tools, emphasis on theory and practice, CDA Data Analyst should Shanghai At the invitation of the Business School, a 6-day offline training course for junior data analysts was jointly organized. Students in this class included students from freshman to ... View details


CDA and Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperative Landed Data Modeling and Case Application 2021-08-17 On August 21 , 2020 , the data modeling and case application training of Zhejiang Rural Credit Research Institute officially started, and CDA helped financial digital transformation. Training courses are online In the offline mode, because students have different programming abilities and some students do not have a programming foundation, online videos of statistics and python basic courses are provided for everyone to learn, check for missing vacancies, and supervise and remi... View details


CDA walked into China and helped the digital transformation of the credit card center! 2021-08-17 In order to improve the data mining and modeling capabilities of the credit card center, CDA went into the Huaxia Bank Card Center and organized a "credit card center machine learning training" for the data analysis and decision support team. CDA, as the industry's leading education brand, carried out 18 tasks Thematic training on the day. The training is mainly based on Python language and machine learning algorithms, combined with credit card customer life cycle management, risk management ... View details


CDA Data Analyst Certification and Pearson VUE have reached in-depth cooperation to promote the professional assessment of data science talents! 2021-08-17 In June 2020, CDA data analysts reached an in-depth cooperation with Pearson VUE, a global computerized test service provider , and the two parties signed a CDA test service agreement. Mr. Qin Zhiyong, vice chairman of the CDA Certification Examination Committee, said: “In the era of big data and artificial intelligence, if there is a qualification in the field of data analysis like CPA or ACCA in the field of accounting, it will become a proof and enterprise of its own data analysi... View details

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CDA data analyst talent standards are officially recognized and publicized
CDA data analyst talent standards are of
CDA data analyst talent standards landed on the national standard information public service platform In January 202
1, the CDA Data Analyst Talent Standard ("Data Analyst Competence Training Standard", hereinafter referred to as the "standard") has become the corporate standard in the



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    Develop and optimize CDA data
    science talent certification standard
  • Exam Service

    Global examination service and
    management of certificate holder membership
  • Talent Evaluation

    Industry authoritative experts and rigorous
    assessment organization assessment
  • Industrial Research

    Professional research on talent
    knowledge system and Industry Development

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